Engaging Curriculum Solutions provides early childhood professional development sessions for the wonderful educators in or around Sydney and the Central Coast NSW. Our professional development days are primarily run from the Everglades Country Club (Woy Woy), Alkira Early Learning Centre (Wamberal), Magpies Waitara (Waitara) and Karstens (The Rocks), and are fully catered to. We will also send you home with a resource kit so you can continue to follow up on your interests. We appreciate the importance of professional development in early childhood and aim to provide sessions which are relevant to the needs of local services. 


Our professional development days are designed to be informative and inspiring and will always reflect the National Quality Standards and the national curriculum: Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework. We believe in lifelong learning with educators too! For this reason we aim to inspire educators to become proactive in their own research through engaging them in meaningful professional development sessions. 

Engaging Curriculum Solutions is endorsed to provide the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at ProficientTeacher.

Early Childhood professional development can be booked through our website, just click the button below or the events tab above and chose your preference (you can register online or email us to request an invoice if you wish to pay by direct deposit). Or you can download our 2020 professional development calendar by clicking the button below and peruse our events in your own time!


Some of the wonderful testimonials from educators who have attended professional development with us can be seen below:


Facebook - Recommendation 

"Absolutely amazing. Well thought out presentations. Kate is very passionate and will take the time to ensure you fully understand the topic."  Mariah, Educator

Facebook - Recommendation 

"Kate is amazing! Engaging, fun and interactive! So full of energy and thoughtful ideas. Absolutely loved the magic of play workshop tonight!! Absolutely inspired me!! Can't wait to see what ECS has available for their 2019 calendar."  Kylie, Educator

Facebook - 5 stars

"Kate is an amazing, insightful and dedicated professional with a wealth of knowledge. Her passion for Early Childhood Education combined with her extensive experience in the sector makes her a huge asset to the industry. 

Kate’s sessions provoke powerful, passionate discussions to improve the way we interact, engage and educate. She shares many useful strategies and practical examples - I could honestly listen to Kate for hours! 

Many of the Educators at our Service have had the pleasure of attending various training sessions presented by Kate, which we all thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to opportunities to engage with her in the future!

If you are looking for an amazing EC consultant, Kate is your woman!"  Michelle, Centre Director

Facebook - 5 stars

"I was lucky enough to work with and call Kate my mentor when I graduated from my bachelor of teaching in 2014 and get to know her both on a professional and personal level. Kate gave me the confidence to become a leading early childhood teacher in a high quality service and then into my career as a centre director. 

Kate has a passion for early childhood education that goes deeper than teaching children and managing staff. Her commitment to her research and growth as an early childhood professional has resulted in many professional developments rich in content and theory that I have had the privilege to attend.

Get out your notepad and a pen and be ready to be inspired. This lady's professional developments are a must for a successful career working with children"  Lauren, Centre Director

Facebook - 5 stars

"It doesn’t matter how long I spend with Kate- whether it is 5 mins or the whole day, she is always able to make me think deeply about my interactions with children, educators and families. I always come away with more questions and a thirst to learn more. 
I can not recommend Kate more to anyone who wants to challenge their thinking and ideas about early childhood and you will be amazed at what you come away with."
  Emily, Centre Director

Facebook - 5 stars

"Kate is one of the most knowledgeable, inspiring and passionate people I have ever met! The professional developments I have attended with Kate have ignited a great passion within me, and remind me to reflect and strive for best practice. Thank you Kate for all of the amazing work you do for the sector and for inspiring so many. "  Micayla, Educator

Facebook - 5 stars

"What a fresh approach, inspiring and an inspirational leader, I attended Engaging Curriculum Solutions night on engaging play spaces with Kate. Kate is fantastic and a thought-provoking and an engaging professional. I look forward to attending more training and development in the early childhood sector under Engaging Curriculum solutions." Alison, Centre Director

Facebook - 5 stars

"Hi Kate. Thank you for a marvelous development class last night, it was wonderful �. Also very inspirational and exciting, looking forward to the up coming events. 

And thank you so much for the fantastic documentation resource pack. It is marvellous!" Natalie, Centre Director