Engaging Curriculum Solutions understands the early childhood sector is constantly changing and evolving as we build our understanding of child development. We understand the importance of staying up to date on current events and trends in the sector. We endeavour to assist services in doing just that through our early childhood professional development opportunities and consultancy services. Further to this, we are driven by the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework, ensuring our business not only supports best outcomes for children, but the assessment and rating process also.  

At ECS we have a strong image of the child as being an active participant in the construction of their own learning and this is what we hope to impart on others. Our philosophy is underpinned by our understanding of child development (particularly brain development) and early childhood theory. In particular, Reggio Emilia has had a huge impact on ECS practice and is the primary influence throughout our services. Engaging Curriculum Solutions believes in the importance of scaffolding children's understanding of sustainable living practices and encouraging their connection with the wonders of nature. We believe best practice should be embedded in to routine, culture, curriculum, relationships and leadership and we hope to help services achieve this. 

As a consultancy service we recognise every early childhood service is unique and we aim to properly understand your service needs. We realise services are impacted by their local community, their leaders, educators, families and children; and all these stakeholders have to be taken in to account to achieve high quality early childhood education and care. ECS values the importance of individual service and educator philosophy. We take this in to account when designing professional development and consultancy packages.

 Our early childhood professional development sessions seek to engage and inspire educators to find their own pedagogical beliefs and systems. We do not believe in giving the answers, but in finding the answers together. As early childhood specialists we highly regard the process of collaboration and scaffolding. 

Introducing the Director/Owner
Kate Hodgekiss

B of Ed (ECE)

Cert 4 TAE

Kate has been in the sector for over 20 years. She earned her bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education from Macquarie University, and spent many years working as a teacher both inside and outside of Australia before commencing her management career. Kate has since taken on a variety of roles including nominated supervisor, educational leader, start up consultant, quality consultant, regional manager and online program development creative head. Now the owner/director of Engaging Curriculum Solutions, Kate enjoys passing the wisdom of her experience on to fellow educators and teachers. 


Throughout her years in the sector, Kate has come to be known for her passion and her commitment to quality learning practices and environments. She has developed a great knowledge of the Assessment and Rating process through participating in service ratings as an educator, regional manager, quality consultant and most recently, as an NS/EL directing a service through the A&R process receiving the coveted exceeding in all the quality areas and standards. 


Kate has been a great advocate for the sector, using her knowledge and experience to help inform the community. Through meetings with politicians, writing for unions and speaking at sector events such as the PCI hearings, Kate has given a voice to educators in Australia. Kate has also written for Early Childhood Australia’s The Spoke and regularly contributes to the ECS blog. 


Kate’s personal philosophy is centred on reaching best outcomes for children through maintaining quality learning programs and environments. Kate bases her practice around her strong knowledge of current sector trends, brain development research and national curriculum/quality standards. Her areas of greatest interest are in educational leadership, quality improvement, child protective practices and understanding the impact of trauma. Kate’s passion as a leader is in proactive research, while inspiring and mentoring educators in this sector which continues to evolve and change.